Sunday, December 26, 2010

eharmony dont got nothing on me...

I don't think that life could get some much better in a few moments than all the trouble your facing goes down the drain. Having Jesus is who to depend on.
Facebook is great place to chat with friends from college, high school and even family when theyd rather have facebook and no extra application downloaded on their computer... thats me sometimes... simplify is my word of knowledge!

Back to the topic... eHarmony has many things for a cost and facebook is free! heres the gig... someone adds you on facebook and discover it was an add you find yourself now texting this person and having the time of your life it. Awesome, huh?

I have often wondered by going on to the web and trying to find someone to be with you and soon you find they're nothing but liars...

But this is not the point I am trying to make... its crazy that a girl adds you and now you are texting which to hope for the best... by starting a convo that never ends is the best to say its the best interest... i believe that... you have to start somewhere.. no biggie... communication is key!

I have often wondered if there is someone for me or not? maybe one day... hmmm.... God has a purpose!
I leave everything in God's hands...

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