Thursday, January 6, 2011

the apt is a mess... clean it up!

Hey blogger's, once again, I am blogging!
I hope all is well with you and that you all had a great new year from last which that is all behind!

Have you ever wanted something to happen and it just doesn't happen?
Well mine did! I moved into this apt and miraculously it all happened in one day or two! WOW!

Facebook was the last option for me to post... I'M HOMELESS! Which I was... but not now!
I have a place I can call my own and no one, I mean, no one... is there to tell me what to do and how to do! Praise God! I am glad that I am single and maybe if God has a plan I don't know about, Id be gladly to accept what He has in store.

When I got the apt... this apt was clean at a glance. I was told that there were college students living in there previously, which I thought... not to bad... I was totally wrong....
This is what I what I found:
  • nasty, croded, mortified kitchen stove - worked two days on it - ewww!
  • shower rod wasn't tall enough - went to my forehead
That was all and enough said... ha ha!

The good side about it all... I found a whole set of cookware... wow! that what I needed!

After all said and done... I am happy to be alone by my self and knowing that all of my belongs are safe - having the known where they are. Firstly, I am glad for God, all that He has done for me and the friends that has made it all happen!

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