Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yo God. I need your help!

Help oh God
Im in of something that only you can do...
i know God u are busy but one thing i ask i know its not too big..
Help me oh God.... Send a dream or something... Prayers change things.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Habitual Experiences and Practices

Hello again! I am back on the blogging...

First off I want to Thank God for all that He has done for me in my life and turn me around what I have become in Him! God is so good!

Long Long time ago... when I was born, I never knew what anything was about... when I became of age about 16 years.. I started to see and believe things in life that in life now I do and don't regret now, because of Jesus! I was molested by my cousin and we wont give any names... this is a curse that was charge on to my life which could not help! God had a plan!
Present Day! March 24-25th, 2011.
Community Family Church. Youth Conference 2011
Tommy Bates

On Friday March 24th, 2011 - The Devil was on my tracks... I couldn't hardly believe it.. my tire blew out going toward London to pick up my friend Michael for the Youth Conference.. I was like oh man... Michael is not going to get to go to conference. I called a friend they picked my up on the I-75... I was praying like wildfire. Lord, Help me Jesus!

When I got to the church in Independence KY. I was already praising Him! I had my mind made up!
Singing was power warp in the building. AMAZING was the word!
Preached on Adam walking by the gate everyday and wanting to talk to God and then God never seen him for days.
Then there was an angel worked for God - There can boy named Eunuch.. Walked with God by the gate.. talked with God by the gate... when it was time to go home for rest... God didn't wanna leave... He wanted to talk more. God opened the gate and grabbed Eunuch by the hand and said lets sup with each other and commune. I shouted!
Going to the motel... well even before pulling out of the parking lot the spirit hit like no other... Whooo!
There was no music involved, just the Lord come by to strengthen. Hallelujah!
On the way to the hotel, I don't know what was going on but God was moving...
This feeling praying felt too short...

Food was option for me when we got to ourselves at the hotel.
I packed my food and got everything later eaten in the morning..

Morning Service was the topping on the cake. Praise God!
I loved it! which preached me all over! Praise the Lord!

When a young woman is molested by the neighbor or uncle or someone... that young woman can not help what is happening... this is happening to women everyday and some to ones until marriage...

When a young man is being touched or bothered by other boys and having forced extert on them is not what you can consider being helped because its a force. God is not introduced...

These situations are happening everyday and they become practices.. for what they have experienced... believe me or not?

We are not born in this world to know these things which we see in front of our eyes. As a young child, do not have any known - thats why people act. Children are promed to these things, then we ask why we see these irregular act.

Having a mind of God is the main thing - that should be projected... then you would not have these situation or troubles. You would not have a mind to think of these things of the world...

Another thing, sorry guys! The men in the church are acting like women. Thats not God!
If you are a man, act like one... dont go and buy women clothing or being in the women section checking clothing.. wow! thats not a man doing that... Jesus... people notice when there is a shout... they shout women... Lord, Children... they'd say... this is going for the young generation especially.. ha! gotcha!

 I pray blessings to you all and thanks to God for He is good!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's not your battle, it's God's!

After getting a song from God - a girl came along that I thought was the one... i thought my world was melting but it wasnt the one.. The song I wrote is called: IM GOING THROUGH THE FIRE! Im glad that Jesus gave that to me because I am going through, ya know!

I am so glad that God gave me a car that I can afford, Praise Jesus!
I have the best people in my life such as: Steven and Michael (brothers), Stevens wife, Kimberly... plus Ashley and Eric Laws! The best friends in the to hang with in the Lord. Thank you Jesus!

I have the best job in the world and I dont have complain because there is none of that.. along with my church which I consider, AMAZING!

I may go through things but God is right there guiding me through it all and I will learn from my mistakes.

Thanks to Jesus I am who I am to be!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

i got this time!

I am sorry for that late getting back
So much has happen in the last few months..
work, family and now a wonderful girl friend that i cherish every moment with.
I have never seen nothing like something like her.
God knows what it is why she is in my life because its God
He knows what we go through to get where we are in life...
troubles and trials will suck you in if you let them
I am so glad that God is there to protect
When Satan says yes, Jesus' no over bares.
I am glad of that. Praise the Lord

get a car today hopefully what i am looking for...
Jesus take care of it!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

now lets try instead of facebook... yay!

So, now that I am on here I am given my practical life story. I'm single, looking, and I am a very happy person to be in this position. A friend to be there wouldn't hurt.

I am driven to know what I want in life after all things I have been through for this point. I live my life to the fullest at 200%. If anyone wants to reap those benefits, i would extend it to more than max.  Joy is best view that a simple thought for an act would bring much smiling to others. I want someone to appreciate this and to this extent will give the most cost of her life.

I have lived in Kentucky and Ohio. I guess that makes something like a hill buck... do you visualize? Hillbillies and Buckeyes.. haha.. which I defined that I am very confident in conservatism and give a lady a chance that she deserves and have been asking for a long. I am a very out-going, passionate, and considerate person when its comes to dating.. I truly know when it comes to opening a door for a girl, pushing her chair under the table before sitting at the dinner table while waiting to talk the night away with a nice dinner under our chins. I know this initiates the true relationship for a woman and the man.

I love my job ... i might see people moping in saying, "I don't want to be here!" I think, "Another day, exciting day, AND another dollar." I love hanging with some friend and value family time when I get the chance to be around. I surround myself with good people, healthy food, and great convos.

But enough about me! I would love to find someone who likes to travel and to explore the world to what it has to offer.  Someone with a get go and not a worry about them. When in this relationship its going to be about us and no else. I would love have someone with a very healthy lifestyle to see if life is more important. Could that be you?

Friday, January 21, 2011

low down not good for nothing... check please?

Sometimes, I wanna cry...
I dont know what to do any more....
I seemed not to have enough people to care in my life.
I seemed not to have enough courage for myself
People come and go these days... and die out!
I am still searching for a new life that I have found a while back and I knew that would give some virtue. God is who I chose! Sometimes, I wonder where God is, but He is right there when I call on His name. He loves me because I am one of His own. I give all to the Lord!

Life seems so hard to move it with yourself. I plan to get someone that will love me for who I am to be.

Maybe one day I will have a head on my shoulders and take the load thats on my shoulders

Its a crazy shame that a college student graduating and then working at a call center making almost $11/hr CANNOT pay bill for rent, electric, cell, bed furniture, then car payment and insurance later... there is no way... one person can do that... I am struggling people.... NOW, college loans - WOW! About $1700 a month..

Throwing my hands up and quit is not the thing to do... I have no help but Jesus! He is all I have

Walking to work, sux butt! But when there are bills on the table, you gotta to be there to work! GOD HELP ME! I am hoping to get a second job with my car on the way...


Saturday, January 8, 2011

let it snow, let it snow, let it, NOT! - i need to go back to work....

I do not! Let me repeat, I do not like this snow!
Snow may be awesome to look at but very dangerous.
Its so cold out that I want to snuggle up in the bed along like yesterday!
Grey's Anatomy was off the hook... i will keep up with that..
Now, brothers and sisters are not airing nor Hellcats... nothing is on to watch!
Its so boring when you sit here all alone and yeah!
Getting all this apt stuff together is a hassel.
Im so glad that I am home, finally - all by myself and no strings attached!

Thanks to God!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the apt is a mess... clean it up!

Hey blogger's, once again, I am blogging!
I hope all is well with you and that you all had a great new year from last which that is all behind!

Have you ever wanted something to happen and it just doesn't happen?
Well mine did! I moved into this apt and miraculously it all happened in one day or two! WOW!

Facebook was the last option for me to post... I'M HOMELESS! Which I was... but not now!
I have a place I can call my own and no one, I mean, no one... is there to tell me what to do and how to do! Praise God! I am glad that I am single and maybe if God has a plan I don't know about, Id be gladly to accept what He has in store.

When I got the apt... this apt was clean at a glance. I was told that there were college students living in there previously, which I thought... not to bad... I was totally wrong....
This is what I what I found:
  • nasty, croded, mortified kitchen stove - worked two days on it - ewww!
  • shower rod wasn't tall enough - went to my forehead
That was all and enough said... ha ha!

The good side about it all... I found a whole set of cookware... wow! that what I needed!

After all said and done... I am happy to be alone by my self and knowing that all of my belongs are safe - having the known where they are. Firstly, I am glad for God, all that He has done for me and the friends that has made it all happen!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

eharmony dont got nothing on me...

I don't think that life could get some much better in a few moments than all the trouble your facing goes down the drain. Having Jesus is who to depend on.
Facebook is great place to chat with friends from college, high school and even family when theyd rather have facebook and no extra application downloaded on their computer... thats me sometimes... simplify is my word of knowledge!

Back to the topic... eHarmony has many things for a cost and facebook is free! heres the gig... someone adds you on facebook and discover it was an add you find yourself now texting this person and having the time of your life it. Awesome, huh?

I have often wondered by going on to the web and trying to find someone to be with you and soon you find they're nothing but liars...

But this is not the point I am trying to make... its crazy that a girl adds you and now you are texting which to hope for the best... by starting a convo that never ends is the best to say its the best interest... i believe that... you have to start somewhere.. no biggie... communication is key!

I have often wondered if there is someone for me or not? maybe one day... hmmm.... God has a purpose!
I leave everything in God's hands...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Don't ask Dont tell policy!

Well hello here, I am back to the 'ole blogging again and expressing my thought once more.

Don't ask, Don't tell policy....
That rings a bell when Barack Obama had signed a bill to let gays and lesbians fight in the army without any problem or controversy... is this the best thing to do?
I don't think so... there are going to be a lot more deaths in this country for all the "different people" want to fight for their country or is this going to be a right choice, but at the same time, is it a fierce choice (for gays and lesbians) making for their own good choice or intention for battling the country or battling for themselves?

Barack Obama may have made the choice for all people to be equally treated, which is true, but will this be the right choice for the lifestyle for the army?

I have thought about that choice he made since he chose to sign that bill, "following a successful cloture vote in the Senate on December 18, 2010, the bill was passed and, on December 22, signed into law."

hm mm...

Jesus needs to be introduced into this conflict!

what will the U.S. do now?