Saturday, February 19, 2011

now lets try instead of facebook... yay!

So, now that I am on here I am given my practical life story. I'm single, looking, and I am a very happy person to be in this position. A friend to be there wouldn't hurt.

I am driven to know what I want in life after all things I have been through for this point. I live my life to the fullest at 200%. If anyone wants to reap those benefits, i would extend it to more than max.  Joy is best view that a simple thought for an act would bring much smiling to others. I want someone to appreciate this and to this extent will give the most cost of her life.

I have lived in Kentucky and Ohio. I guess that makes something like a hill buck... do you visualize? Hillbillies and Buckeyes.. haha.. which I defined that I am very confident in conservatism and give a lady a chance that she deserves and have been asking for a long. I am a very out-going, passionate, and considerate person when its comes to dating.. I truly know when it comes to opening a door for a girl, pushing her chair under the table before sitting at the dinner table while waiting to talk the night away with a nice dinner under our chins. I know this initiates the true relationship for a woman and the man.

I love my job ... i might see people moping in saying, "I don't want to be here!" I think, "Another day, exciting day, AND another dollar." I love hanging with some friend and value family time when I get the chance to be around. I surround myself with good people, healthy food, and great convos.

But enough about me! I would love to find someone who likes to travel and to explore the world to what it has to offer.  Someone with a get go and not a worry about them. When in this relationship its going to be about us and no else. I would love have someone with a very healthy lifestyle to see if life is more important. Could that be you?

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