Friday, January 21, 2011

low down not good for nothing... check please?

Sometimes, I wanna cry...
I dont know what to do any more....
I seemed not to have enough people to care in my life.
I seemed not to have enough courage for myself
People come and go these days... and die out!
I am still searching for a new life that I have found a while back and I knew that would give some virtue. God is who I chose! Sometimes, I wonder where God is, but He is right there when I call on His name. He loves me because I am one of His own. I give all to the Lord!

Life seems so hard to move it with yourself. I plan to get someone that will love me for who I am to be.

Maybe one day I will have a head on my shoulders and take the load thats on my shoulders

Its a crazy shame that a college student graduating and then working at a call center making almost $11/hr CANNOT pay bill for rent, electric, cell, bed furniture, then car payment and insurance later... there is no way... one person can do that... I am struggling people.... NOW, college loans - WOW! About $1700 a month..

Throwing my hands up and quit is not the thing to do... I have no help but Jesus! He is all I have

Walking to work, sux butt! But when there are bills on the table, you gotta to be there to work! GOD HELP ME! I am hoping to get a second job with my car on the way...


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  1. Trust in God... you will never have worries!!